Marina Beach (JBR Beach), UAE – sun beds, camels + metro access 2

At Marina Beach, Dubai – a.k.a. JBR Beach – the traditional Emirati custom to be covered up is overlooked for the convenience and enjoyment of the hordes of international visitors.

Photo credit: Benjamin White

While some may delight at the mix of cultures this creates – imagine seeing elaborately robed Emirati locals rubbing shoulders with bikinied western tourists – there are others who will be turned off by such a gratuitous display of western culture in defiance of the traditional values of Emirati culture.

Photo credit: Benjamin White

The reality is that you are unlikely to encounter any Emirati folk at Marina Beach.

This is the domain of tourists and western ex-pats.

Emiratis steer well clear.

Photo credit: Benjamin White

And don’t be fooled by the Bedouin-attired man with the camels – part of a business selling camel rides to tourists. He is yet another ex-pat in costume.

How is Marina Beach?

Marina Beach, UAE

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Marina Beach is 1.5km in length; the beach face is low and flat, and there is a wide expanse of sand available.

The water is warm, clean, and tranquil.

Behind the beach you’ll find plenty of fancy restaurants, along with a few more-reasonably-priced cafes.

Jumeirah, UAE

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Behind the restaurants and cafes are the JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences) towers, a popular residential area for western expats working in the UAE – who are presumably attracted to the ‘western-friendly’ beaches.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, UAE

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Marina Beach is located right alongside Dubai Marina.

A 1.7km designated pedestrian walkway meanders throughout the Marina, known as The Walk if you should wish to peruse this facility in greater detail.

Marina Beach, UAE

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Practical information and how to reach Marina Beach:

Marina Beach is a public beach and accessible by the Dubai Metro (DMCC Metro Station 1). More transport info here.

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2 thoughts on “Marina Beach (JBR Beach), UAE – sun beds, camels + metro access

  • Karen White

    We swam at one of the beaches in Dubai, but not sure which one. It wasn’t very busy but was quite nice. Dubai is a place which is good to visit at least once, to see all the incredible buildings in a desert country