Lalomanu – is it Samoa’s finest beach? is it the beach from Moana? 2

Getting to Lalomanu, Samoa’s finest beach, is simple.

Just fly yourself to the remote South Pacific nation of Samoa, get yourself into a car of some description, turn on the engine, and drive.

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa. Photo credit: Benjamin White

Odds are you’ll have entered the country through Faleolo International Airport, on the far west coast of the island of Upolu.

Lalomanu, however, is located on the far east coast.

An island spanning drive of approximately 90 kilometres awaits.

Scenery, Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

The trip should take between two to three hours. You’ll pass through Apia, the capital, along with scores of charming agrarian villages.

As you cross the mountainous spine of the island you’ll encounter one or two lightly-flowing, lushly-vegetated waterfalls.

Waterfall, Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

On the southern, less-populous side of the island you’ll encounter long stretches of semi-wild coastline.

Coastline, Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

And then at last you will have arrived.

Lalomanu Beach

Beach fales, Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Amrita Ronnachit

You’ll be pleased to know that beach fales – a traditional form of Samoan accommodation, consisting of bare, open-walled timber huts, as seen above – are available.

Or, if the beach fales are a little too basic for your needs, there are more deluxe versions on offer at Lalomanu as well, complete with walls and beds and soft furnishings.

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

How does Lalomanu Beach rate?

Lalomanu Beach is approximately one kilometre in length, and composed of a fine white sand that is entirely satisfying.

There isn’t all that much sand available when the waves are lapping at the high water mark, but at low tide there is more than enough to play on.

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

The surrounding scenery, of blue seas, shallow reefs, and verdant jungle, is easy on the eyes, and topped off with the presence of foreboding Nu-utele Island.

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Wander along the beach aways, and you’ll find the fine white sand interrupted by black, basaltic boulders, evidence of Samoa’s volcanic nature.

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Wander all the way to the western end of the beach, and you’ll find it terminates in steep, fertile, jungle-covered cliffs. It’s a scene that puts me in mind of the idyllic Polynesian islands portrayed in the Disney film Moana.

As does, for that matter, much of the nation of Samoa.

Lalomanu Beach, Samoa

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Practical information and how to reach Lalomanu Beach:

Lalomanu is located on the east coast of Upolu, approx 60km from Apia, and 90km from Faleolo International Airport. To reach Lalomanu Beach either hire a car, or get your accommodation to organise a hotel pick up. More transport info here.

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2 thoughts on “Lalomanu – is it Samoa’s finest beach? is it the beach from Moana?

  • Karen White

    The beach and the journey there looks spectacular. I think i would like a lazy few days just sitting around that lovely accommodation (the ones with the walls and the soft beds!!) reading and relaxing. I love the waterfall, as well. Moana would like it as well