Brownes Beach, Barbados – aquamarine waters walking distance from Bridgetown 4

I have a two day stopover in Barbados. How to fill in all that time? How about checking out Barbados’ legendary beaches, starting with Brownes Beach, just outside of Bridgetown?

Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach, Barbados

Brownes Beach, Barbados. Photo credit: Benjamin White

Brownes Beach sweeps around tranquil Carlisle Bay just south of the CBD of Bridgetown (the capital city of Barbados). This means not only is Brownes Beach the premier beach of the country, it’s also the most accessible.

So it’s not all that surprising to find that there’s an enormous Hilton Hotel at one end of the beach, with an equally large Radisson next door. And there are dozens more hotels and resorts all within walking distance of the beach.

Proximity to the CBD, and a proliferation of large hotels, do not often come together to make an alluring beach. But Brownes Beach is such a large beach, and such a pretty beach, that it absorbs the tourist development with ease.

Brownes Beach, Barbados

Photo credit: Benjamin White


Sand: white and appealing. The sand is actually surprisingly firm, which means walking the length of the beach can be done as an easy stroll – it is still soft enough to sit on without complaint. There’s no litter, and there are plenty of long stretches of empty sand that aren’t controlled by restaurants and hotels, so you won’t feel hemmed in.

Water: an extremely pleasing shade of aquamarine. It’s crystal clear, and at the time of visiting it was so still as to be bath-like.

Backdrop: ample greenery dotted with hotels.

Any other upsides? you can snorkel over wrecks and admire hawksbill turtles as they graze on sea grasses all within a couple of hundred metres of the shore.

Any downsides? jet-skis, jet-blades, cruise ships, crowds of European and North American tourists (especially if there are cruise ships in port).

Brownes Beach, Barbados

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Overall verdict for Brownes Beach, Barbados:

The tourist hordes and presence of large hotels can’t take the shine off this spectacular beach. The still, aquamarine water and clean, white sand are a stunning combination.

Brownes Beach, Barbados

Photo credit: Benjamin White

Practical information and how to reach Brownes Beach:

Brownes Beach is walking distance from Bridgetown CBD. More transport info here.

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