Kumamoto Castle, Japan 2
Your typical Japanese castle can be done in one of two ways: you can get it in black, or you can get in white. White, […]

Kumamoto Castle, Japan

Toprak Kala, Qaraqalpaqstan 2
Toprak Kala, like all the kalas (desert fortresses) of ancient Khorezm, is slowly turning to dust. Rain is transforming the fortress walls into shapeless mud. Wind […]

Toprak Kala & Qyzyl Kala, Qaraqalpaqstan

Humpback Whale Watching, Fafa Island, Tonga 2
Living in Sydney, Australia, gives you no end of whale watching opportunities. Want to see a whale? Just walk along any of Sydney’s coastal headlands during whale migration season […]

Humpback whale watching, Fafa Island, Tonga