Okunoin Cemetery, Koyasan, Japan 2
Legend has it Kūkai, much-celebrated monk of 9th Century Japan, threw a three-pronged trident from Xi’an, China, which soared across the East China Sea, and embedded […]

Okunoin Cemetery, Kōya-san, Japan

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein 2
Europe has plenty of micro-states, but for some reason it’s double-landlocked Liechtenstein that most often comes to mind when discussions are had as to which […]

Vaduz, Liechtenstein – worth a visit?

Erakor Lagoon, Port Vila, Vanuatu 2
The majority of people that fly into Port Vila, Vanuatu, will be immediately whisked away to a resort of some description, from which they will […]

Things to do in Port Vila, Vanuatu